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Left to right:

Barnes (Barnes?) - Bassguitar

DerWilde (Machus) - Drums

EricB. - Guitars

Phil l'Athyó - Vocals

Goliath (Frank) - Guitars


The band SOULGATE  was founded in winter 2001. Coming from diverse local bands (DARK PARADE ; JUSTIRE ; MENDACIOUS MESSIAH) the four musicians Bernie (Voc/Bass), Frank (Git), Eric (Git) und Markus (Drums) found together in order to create an individual and personal style of  powerrock-music.

 The guys from Ostwestfalen-Lippe/Germany succeed to unite their different influences in rock-music, instead of - like many others – getting limited in writing new songs.

This is indeed not really easy everytime. Are there of course influences from great Power-Metal-icons like TESTAMENT, DEATH, AT THE GATES or NEVERMORE.

 In late summer 2002 CLAUS BRINKMANN of SPACEBOB-STUDIOS recorded the first SOULGATE – EP, which is distributed by the band itself.

In the first weeks after release the demand on the CD grew more and more, what displays them that they are on the right way.

 Late 2003 they went into the SPACEBOB-STUDIOS again and recorded their great EP “Scorn”, which is reviewed well in the internet and in famous rock magazines (have a look at the link-area).

 They played several successful gigs all over Germany ´til some problems appeared in case of personal/occupationally difficulties of some members.


SOULGATE rested a while…


In summer 2005 Jan “Schmittchen“ joined the band and a little bit later Nico took place behind the drums. This was a good time to start again. Theiy played a few gigs with this line-up until Jan left the band in May 2006 due to his own wishes.

But in July 2006 Frank joined the band again, so that the “old spirit” of SOULGATE returned.

Now they were ready to create more sick ideas and nice music to kick someones ass again!


Once again, there were job-related reasons , that forced SOULGATE to switch back a few gears. Drummer Nico left the band .
Likewise, it drove singer Bernie professionally to Hamburg.
The aim was to take a longer break, which should not be completely unused.

So in 2009 Tim Wedel came as a drummer, and Marco Künne on the bassguitar into the band. SOULGATE  completed a few successful gigs and in the end of 2010 SOULGATE started recordings of the new songs in attack .

The fact that singer Bernie now in Hamburg successfully launched with his band AEONS CONFER , and Tim stood in front of a job-related move, prompted the guys to throw the dice again.

The recordings were nixed .

Since Summer 2013 original member Markus is back to the SOULGATE drums.
In the Beginning of 2014 an old acquaintance of the East Westphalian metal scene grabbed the micro -
Phil l'Athyó
- for in his uniqueness the recordings to ennoble .

After the release of "Sore" on the "Reeperbahn" in Hamburg, Germany, the band plays lots of gigs.

Early 2016 "the incredible Barnes" takes place on the bassguitar - for our good friend Marco hangs on playing guitar, his main instrument.

And now - 2017 A.D. - the new album "Slaves" will be released on November, 3rd, 2017.

Stay tuned...