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Welcome to our website

Hi there !

We´re done... Our new album "Slaves" will be released  on November, 3rd, 2017, within a release-party at the "Druckerei", Bad Oeynhausen.

Look at the flyer and a neat little video of the opening song "Mythomaniac:

Because of that huge amount of requests for this, we did not flinch to get woven some neat  SOULGATE-patches.

A big "Thank Youuuuu" to Rouven Weiß for his great support! - You can order the scrap for only 3,00 €uro incl. shipping in Germany. (Others please ask)

A short mailto band(at)soulgate.de will last!

As easy as this you can get in contact via Facebook!

As an appetizer to our new album, released in April 2015, here you are a neat little video of our new song "Asylum". Produced by ATI (Thx for this great job, bro)

Further we proudly announce the
Re-Release of our EPs "Soulgate" and "Scorn"

available on the limited Edition
SOULGATE - Sediments

for more details, look at "Music", please!

And yes, the producing of our new album has come to an end. For the final mixdown and mastering, we went to one of the best producers in our region: Corbin Eved, known as the guitarist and mastermind of the band CROW 7.

Great Job!

BTW - we are proud to announce that the reliability of our guitar - amplification is maintained by the hands of one of the best manufacturers in the world:

The guys from Melle / Germany are building some of the finest guitaramps you can buy!

Here´s the way to the Earforce-website