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Announcing the date of the release of "Slaves":  November, 3rd,  2017 at the Druckerei in Bad Oeynhausen - take a look at Gigs!

Our new album "Slaves" is done and on the way to the pressing plant.

After a painful PC-breakdown directly after finishing the mastering-sessions, we are happy to see our new album "SORE" out in the streets during April 2015.

Meanwhile, we are proud to rock the  "Clochard", Hamburg/Reeperbahn on April, 11th, together with our friends of DISCONNECTED

Autumn 2014 was filled with some nice gigs for SOULGATE, to check out, what the new songs will do to the public ;-) ...

THE RECORDINGS ARE DONE, FOLKS. So we went to Franky T., well known as Corbin Eved(Guitarist and Mastermind of the band CROW 7) who we know for years as one great producer! Wow - the first listenings were amazing. If everything goes well, we will be able to celebrate the release party for the new album in January 2015 at the "Universum" in Bünde!!!

Yesterday, we were told that we could support VICIOUS RUMORS at a GIG during their

"Live You To Death Tour - 35 Years Of Metal 1979-2014"! in Bückeburg/Germany

Long story short:

SOULGATE 2014 - we are back. Indeed with Markus back on drums, SOULGATE found a new singer. We are pround to announce that Phil l'Athyó joins us to complete our recordings and accompanies the band to their gigs in the near future - YEAH!

We are going to perform at a festival in Bielefeld. At the Falkendom! Hope to see you all...

For more information, please read the register "gigs".

Yeah - next studio session in progress. 6 hours of great vocal performance done. And no "Vocalizer" needed yet ;-)

Thx to Dirk for a further great recording job!!!

Wow, a year is gone - since yesterday ;)

In the meantime, our Singer Bernie has nearly finished the recordings with his Band "AEONS CONFER" in Hamburg. Last Friday he maintained his sessions for our upcoming album - YEAH!

Yeah - since yesterday, we are maintaining the recordings of our new songs. We decide to celebrate 6 to 9 songs, that will be released to the metal community next time.

Stay tuned!!!

What a great party yesterday at the 10th Anniversary of HUMAN PARANOID. If you like to view some pics, you can visit our photos -corner ore have a look at myspace .

We are proud to announce, that we will play some songs at the 10th Anniversary of HUMAN PARANOID. For more details, please have a look at our folder gigs.

Friend Marco of Tripwire grabbed the bassguitar at SOULGATE! And as he loves our songs - we love his bassplaying, ´though he is a guitarist, normally. Pictures will follow soon.

Now then - our friend Marco of Tripwire shot some videos at our last rehearsals. Been some "hipshots" and not really representative, but we put them on Myspace , so that an interested bassplayer (and others, too) can check outour lastest compositions.

We put some new pictures online. Here you can see, who else will kick your a... in 2009 ;-)

Now finally, a first photo of our new bandmate Tim ;-)

Hoping, that we can actualize our flashdata, soon, we will be able to show more information at the "Band"-site and of course some more pictures... In the meantine we are growing musically together, very well!

After searching for a new drummer, due to Markus´ job related short time for the band, Tim Wedel joined us, now. Tim had played quite different stuff before SOULGATE and is looking forward to enrich the band with his playing style.

Progressing well... ´though our jobs are giving us little time only. After some compositions like MESHUGGAH, we are going back to the typical SOULGATE - concepts. A bit of this, a bit of that - shake well ... going ahead, moving forward, folks.

When we´ve finished the next Photo-shooting, we will actualize the band-site again.

New game, old luck, hahaha...

The old SOULGATE - vibes are still there. Our early stuff functiones as well as if Markus has never left the band. Let´s go looking forward

The 13th ain´t no bad day, these days. After a short phone call, our good old bandmate Markus manifested his return to SOULGATE :-)

So far, so good, so bad... Nico has to quit again, because of his job, that gives him no time for music anymore :-(

Good news again, folks...

Nico is back to the band. We are all very happy about the return to our band, and we could see that the chemistry in the band still works. It felt like there was no break anytime, so that we not only played the current stuff as well as we knew it from before - we also wrote a new song, too.

Everything will progress a bit, but SOULGATE will be SOULGATE at least :-D stay in tune...

This site will be updated in the next time.

Now then. Good and bad news, we can tell you...

The good news is, that - after a long search - we found a new rehearsal-room. We can move to our good friends of TRIPWIRE in the area of Herford. Thanx for your help, mates!

The bad news is, that unfortunately our drummer Nico has to leave the band due to his job, that doesn´t give him the time for such a project as SOULGATE any more. That´s a pity! There are not - as you hear often - reasons in the taste for music or personal reasons. We could have kicked many asses more together in the future...

But this fact will not stop us from containing the succesful process now, writing new material. So - if you play the drums or if you know a drummer who likes the stuff we play... CONTACT US!!!

It seems to become March, before we can enter our new rehearsal-room... f***

After some nice sessions with the new song-material, we are proud to announce that we found a new rehearsal-room.

The photos of the gig at the "Jugendcafe" in Kirchlengern are online, now!

The photos of the gig at the "Elfenbein" in Herford are online, now!

Another nice Clubgig at the "Jugendcafe" in Kirchlengern together with NAGASAKI´45 and BURNED ALIVE

We rocked at "THE EARTH WILL SHAKE"-Festival at the "Elfenbein" in Herford and had a lot of fun. A great gig with three other great bands. A review with video and pictures can be found under "Links" or at the website FATFLAT.

Yiiiehahhh! The new SOULGATE - website is ONLINE!!! Another big "THANK YOU MATZE" for your invaluable help in building it!!!

Hey people – take a look at our “GIGS” – Section. It´s time to enter the stage again… The “Elfenbein” in Herford will be rocked by SOULGATE, Human Paranoid, Tripwire und Taste of Blood on the 29th of September… of course 50/50 classic and brand new stuff from us!!!

Our good friend Matze Hauschild is hatching the new graphics for this website. We are curious about what he will create…

Great news, folks. With Frank “Goliath” Schweigert the real spirit of SOULGATE returns. We are happy to forward our band with a guitarist that has the feel for the older stuff and the bite for what´s coming up… stay tuned for our new songs.
In this case we have to tell, that the mighty ORGON-projekt is layed in the fridge for, hmmm don´t know how long ;-), cause Frank still works for FUNKER VOGT, too.

We are sorry to announce that Jan “Schmittchen” left the band due to his own wishes. Even if we dont stay as brothers in metal, we will stay as brothers in porn !

Wooohaaaa, the second gig is done as well, I would say: success ... overall ;)
We all hope that playing live becomes more frequent and that we can start writing new stuff so you`ll get to listen to some new songs in the future.

Hell yeah. The first gig with the new line up is done. Pure fun, I can tell you :)
For german reviews of the gig please visit

Good news fellas... we fortunately found a new drummer. Nico of "Slave to Misery" would find the time to coordinate two bands together. We´re happy looking forward to bang your head again in a few weeks!!! And we´re happy to have something more in common with a band that we love very much: Slave to Misery

Maybe some of you people have recognised that because of personal reasons SOULGATE got forced to break all actions (at least for a while). In spite of that sad situation the mighty side-project ORGON turned to get a real band. To compare the style with our SOULGATE-stuff, it´s a hint to say that ORGON seems to be a good way to live out the more dooooomy sides of life. ORGON includes: Bernie (bass, vocs), Goliath (guitars) and Tobi (drums). So calm down sloooowly...